A dedicated IP address ensures that you shall have a unique numeric identifier on the Internet and that it won't be shared with other's websites or applications as it happens with a shared Internet hosting account. There are lots of uses for a dedicated IP - for instance, when an SSL certificate is required in the event that you have an e-store and you want to accept online payments or if you have a login form and you would like the info which users submit to be encrypted. A dedicated IP address may also be used for other applications, such as a VoIP server, for instance. Additionally, it will provide more credibility and protection to your sites, given that a network flood to a shared IP won't have any effect on your dedicated IP. In case you host your sites with us and you have your own web server, you'll be able to get one or a number of dedicated IP addresses with just a couple of clicks and to use them in case you cannot use the IP that comes with the server.
Extra Dedicated IPs in Dedicated Web Hosting
We supply three free dedicated IP addresses with every dedicated server which we offer, but if you require more, you may order them with ease and they shall be assigned to your web server without delay. The upgrade is available both on our order page and within the billing CP, so you can get additional IPs whenever you need them - in the very beginning or anytime afterwards. You can order the upgrade in increments of three and include as many IP addresses as you need at any moment. You can renew only the IPs which you need together with the hosting plan, so if, sooner or later, you need less IPs, you can simply renew those that you need and the other ones will be removed from your server. With our upgrade, you'll be able to use a dedicated address not only for your Internet sites and apps, but also for your clients’ sites and applications - if you're using the machine to run a hosting reseller company. Any IP on top of the default 3 IPs may be employed for as long as you need it.